Wednesday, November 22, 2006 link iPod software that integrates your iPod into Windows the way it should

Anapod Explorer, made by music lovers for music lovers. Finally, iPod software that integrates your iPod into Windows the way it should have been, and then brings you tons of cool features you won’t find anywhere else. All in a 1MB package. You like?Windows Integrated, What Else?What could be more natural, simple, and powerful than accessing your iPod as a device in My Computer? Browse your iPod using Explorer folders, right-click menus, and drag and drop, it’s all there, just like you expect it to be. The less energy you waste figuring out how to interface with your iPod, the more you can enjoy your music. Excellent.Superior TransferQuick, easy music, video and data transfer to and from your iPod is a must. Anapod makes it simple using drag and drop, Send To menus, and copy and paste. Advanced Transfer Management gives you expert control over tag handling, while SpeedSync keeps your iPod up-to-date with your PC music collection and Podcasts downloaded with other podcasting software. Anapod even shows you how well your USB or Firewire is performing! Anapod fully supports MP3, WMA (see AudioMorph below), WAV, M4A/AAC, QuickTime video, MPEG-4 video, iTunes Music Store music, movies, TV shows, music videos, audiobooks, and content. Photo transfer is provided by our PhotoSync feature. Cool!Playlists? Child’s PlayPlaylists let you customize your iPod listening. With Anapod, customize to your heart’s content. Quickly add tracks using drag-drop or fly-out menus. Need to change the order? Just drag and drop. In Anapod you can create, delete, rename, shuffle, sort, merge, import (M3U, PLS, BPL/B4S, WPL, RMP), export, saute and deep-fry your playlists without breaking a sweat. Also take advantage of our built-in database engine to create custom dynamically generated MorphLists. People who like to play it safe will appreciate our unique Portable Playlist Backup feature as well. Sweet.Complete iPod SupportNo other iPod software supports your iPod as fully and completely as does Anapod Explorer. This includes robust support for Music, Photos, Videos, Ratings, Play Counts, Last Played Time, Volume Adjustment, Album Art, and the Griffin iTrip. Anapod also provides access to your iPod’s PDA functions with an easy-to-use interface for adding notes as well as automatic contacts synchronization with Mcft Outlook. We’ve even included maintenance utilities to make sure your iPod is always as healthy and as organized as can be.Anapod Xtreamer: Browser PoweriPod via browser? Yes! Anapod’s embedded web server lets you browse, search, and download from your iPod using any browser like IE or Netscape. Stream music around your house or across the world over the Internet. Even design custom skins or download others from our gallery! Schwing.Your iPod is Now a DatabaseYep, Anapod Explorer includes the unique, powerful AnapodSQL embedded database engine. Search for tracks any way imaginable and generate content reports in text, HTML, and XML formats, then customize using stylesheets or import into a spreadsheet or webpage. Fantastic.AudioMorph: Freedom of Format!AudioMorph can dynamically alter audio bitrates and formats during transfers to your iPod. Keep your master audio files on your PC in high bitrates or uncompressed formats, and let AudioMorph transcode them on the fly when you go mobile. This means you can fit more music onto your iPod while leaving your originals intact. With compatible third party plugins, you can use the AudioMorph framework to transcode almost any music format with a full range of bitrates, modes, and options.


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