Sunday, November 19, 2006

beauty thoughts

looking for a fragrance that has a powdery scent to it. I don't care for florals or heavy frangrances. I am looking for something that has a light clean scent to it, but still has some sort of pleasant smell to it.
What Bath & Body works frangrances have a powdery scent?....
....If you like melon try the melon melody body spray. Or a nice contry apple YUM. I pesonaly like vanilla because its simple yet very worm and smells great! Also they have a sesonal pumkin spice its wonderful

When I go to the tanning bed, my acrylic nails (french manicure) tips always turn a yellowey-orange color. What can I do to prevent this? Other than not tan.
How can I keep my nails from yellowing.

I drink lots of milk, eat a lot of yogurt, take vitamins.
...some people seem to be forgetting that the nails you're talking about are not your real nails, so why eating healthy would be good for you overall it won't fix this some nail salons, they have a special topcoat that can prevent this from happening. or, i don't know what kind of place you go to, sometimes it can depend on the quality of materials being used. so if they are using cheap acrylic nails, then you have a better chance of them yellowing when going tanning.if none of that works then maybe wait to go tanning until after you get your nails done each time. i don't know how often you go to get them filled or redone, or go tanning, but if you have a pretty good base tan then you should be fine with waiting to tan in between getting new nails.or even ask your tanning salon. sometimes they'll have special lotions that you could put on your nails to help protect them.hope this helps and good luck!

But one of the most annoying thing for me is that no matter how sharp the razor is or whether I go with or against the grain I still leave a sort of stubble - my hair is black so that might be why or is it just that I am getting older now !! But then I see actors etc on TV with black hair and they seem to have the cleanest shaves in the world !! How can that be ? ...
....I shall let you into one of the best kept secrets of all time - and it won't cost you a pee.Forget shaving foamForget expensive shaving oilsAll you need is moisturiser. Just a cheap one (I use a tub I bought from the pound shop - it will last for years)Use it exactly the same way as you would shaving foam or oil - you will get the best shave you've ever had, the blades last longer, and you will not get dry skin.It's also a lot quicker and because you are getting a really smooth shave you will not cut yourself so much.

::is there any procedure to correct skin around the eyes that is slightly slanted?
Is there a surgery to correct slanted eyes.
....there is a procedure that I believe some Asian women get to make their eyes more wider. They cut the skin in the corner of the eye which relieves the pressure of the slant and makes the eye look a little wider. I heard about it on one of the news channels a while back. I am not saying only Asian women get the procedure done but that was the people of focus on the news show.that I saw gf she wears glasses and she is considering do eye operation to not wear glasses again but there are?
I think risk inovolved so do you guys think same way. honest plz

..Are you talking about Lasik eye surgery? Just like with any other procedure like it, there are always risks. My dad had it done in 2000 and he loves it, but that's not the case for everyone.She and her family needs to talk to a profession and look at their options and risks beforehand. It may depend upon her age and how her eye are (such as whether or not her vision is stable).
I wear glasses as well, and if I could get the operation done, I probably would- I have really bad eyes, so I'd love to be able to go swimming and be able to see- I have hard contacts which hurt my eyes and it's too expensive to get the soft contacts- one pair a year for a very large amount- so if damage were done, I couldn't afford to replace them... so I stick with my glasses for now, and I do like them, it just bugs me not being able to see- another example - when I wake up in the morning... can't see the alarm clock and what time it is unless I squint really bad. Yes, there are risks involved, but I've had several family members undergo the lasik operation, and they are very happy with the outcome. Have been for quite a few yrs now. So do have her talk to her doctor about it all and with family too to see all the risks. Also- if she really wants, she can get glasses afterwards- that have fake lenses lol... if you really like the glasses that much.Depends of how severe is the eye problem she has.some lenses can be very thick and heavy, making the glasses very unconfortable.Laser operation is actually very secure, if made by a very good and experienced surgeon but of course it wont be cheap.As every other operations it's not 100% risk free, so my opinion is to do it only in strictly necessary. (I mean if you have those lenses that looks like bottle bottoms, hell.. go for it!)

the best moisturiser for marks and uneven skin tone? Neutrogena Visibly Even anyone tried ?
While using a moisturiser is great for your face, and is needed in most climates, there isnt a moisturiser that will help even out your skin tone. That is better left to your primers or foundation. May i suggest that you try the mineral make up line by Mineral Me Too? Over time, the natural ingredients in this product will remove the redness and irritation from skin and help to even out your skin tone ~ its a guilt free make up line that is actually great for your face! Check it out!Stephany of Mineral Me Too ~ mineral make

Some tips for fresh glowing skin.?
..I agree with everyone--to drink water (at least 4 glasses a day or more).I use a trick that really works for me. Instead of makeup I'll apply neutrogena or oil of olay oil free sunblock. It has sunblock and a moisturizer and I love how it makes my skin look healthy and glowing! I even put it on at night if I'm going to a club because it makes my skin look great!

I have green-grey-blue eyes, dark eyebrows and curly dark brown-copper hair and a pretty light yellowy complection. I don't know which is best for me. I don't wanna look slutty - but natural, but I want my eyes to look beautiful. Which colour is best and why?Which colour mascara is best for me.
hello there, I have beautiful blue/green eyes that change with my moods and what colors I wear.. I love love love MayBellines XXL Black mascara. The reason I love this particular brand is.. it has the primer that goes on first, and is white ~ super easy to make your eye lashes long and thick and if you make a mistake while applying it.. its only WHITE.. easy to clean up! Then you go over the primer with the black! Watch your eyelashes grow to amazing lengths! Make sure that you only and always use non-waterproof mascara... water-proof mascara will dry your eyelashes out and make them brittle. When taking off your mascara use Mineral Me Too's Mineral Magic.. it takes it right off and helps regenerate your skin cells... Oprah Winfrey calls it Liquid Botox!!!Good LuckStephany of Mineral Me Too ~ mineral make up


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