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No one can 'make' you succeed. If you succeed it's because you madethe DECISION yourself to do it.Your closest friends and relatives cannot help you make thisdecision. They have their own life and you have yours. They canhelp you, but basically any success or failure you have is on yourshoulders.Here's what it comes down to:What you do with your life is your responsibility. You are the onlyone responsible for what you have and where you are in life rightnow.When I finally took total, 100% responsibility for my debt, myfailures and my position in life I was FREE. Suddenly *I* was in control.I set a course of action, created a plan and just plowed ahead.You don't stop and question what you're doing, once you've decidedon a course of action - you just DO IT.You stop once in a while to measure your effectiveness, butbasically you need to be extremely single-minded.The reality of the Internet is that it can be anything you want itto be. Here's why this is such an important thing to learn:There is no 'boss' looking over your shoulder telling you what youhave to do every minute.You are 100%, totally on your own.That means you have to have the discipline, the courage and thestrength to carry on with your plans despite setbacks, bad moods,the weather, money problems, spouse problems, kid problems, leakingroofs, etc, etc...and follow your plan.This is the very SAME REASON the majority of people lose money as'traders' in the stock market- too much freedom to do anything theywant, no discipline and no plan. They fly by the seat of theirpants and end up broke.How do you get started?You gotta get that yellow-pad out and write down a plan for yourbusiness!!!If you decide you need to write an article a day to post to yourwebsite... you DO IT no matter what.If you need to write a message to your list, unless your computerfails and your hard disc crashes, you DO IT.If you need to place some more advertising to generate leads foryour business, but you're too busy doing something else, you'regoing to fail... so you just DO IT ANYWAY.Remember, there's no one that will come up behind you and tell youwhat to do- maybe for the first time in your life you have totalautonomy- for better or for worse.If you decide that watching TV is more important than working onyour web business, then you're not disciplined enough to createyour own web business.You have to change... you have to take control (of yourself!) andyou have to take responsibility for your time.You can be successful online, you just have to make up your mindthat you want to.That's all for today...
Important SEO Tips Everyone Should KnowChris Richardson Staff WriterDuring the Interactive Site Review session at the 2007 Las Vegas PubCon, various site owners submitted their site for the panel to pick apart. The panel consisted of heavy hitters like Matt Cutts from Google, Tim Mayer from Yahoo, Greg Boser from WebGuerrilla, and Danny Sullivan.While some of the sites they reviewed may have been lacking in certain departments, the knowledge the panel bestowed is quite valuable for SEOers of all types. What follows is are some quotes and paraphrases that go a long way to demonstrating what it is search engines are looking for:- each page of your site is an entry point, optimize (title tags, keyphrases) for what each page targets - Greg- strive for quality links over quantity links - the entire panel- if you are targeting your site geographically, get links from local entities (Chamber of Commerce, local directories)- NO LINK EXCHANGES (don't even bother - Matt cutts)
unique content is important (this and link bait are the prevailing themes of the Las Vegas PubCon)- if you can get into the top 3 of Google Local, you will be on the front page of Google's standard search if the query is geographically based... - Danny Sullivan- when optimizing for Google Local, navigate to the Google Local Business Center - this was suggested by Matt as a source to assist with being indexed by Google Local's index as well as a place to claim your business, similar to Technorati's blog claim function.- one of the sites reviewed was a real estate site... during this portion, Greg revealed some interesting information about how this industry markets to the search industry: the real estate industry conducts SEO much like they did in 98, it's a bad field in reference to SEO...and while this may not be a tip per se, it's good information to be aware of especially if you are considering this industry...- ditch javascript menus altogether... they are a red flag to ranking algos - Boser- template-based sites may not rank well because they appear alike to the crawlers... - Tim Mayer and Matt Cutts both iterated this thought.- Session IDs urls need to be blocked from crawlers because of duplicate content issues (don't serve session ids to bots)... this was emphasized by Matt who said:"session ids can be poison for crawlers"
- if your site sells manufactured products, don't use manufacturer copy... use your own descriptions - this was also stated by Heather Lloyd-Martin during the effective web copy session- there's no good use for 302 redirects, ever - the entire panel- blog about your product or target area, this provide so much of the original content the search engines are looking for - paraphrased from Matt CuttsThis last point plays into the whole link bait theory that was incredibly prominent during this conference (I cannot count the number of times I heard this phrase...). Keep these tips and ideas in mind when you are conducting any SEO or SEM-related process. They will serve you well.
Angela Smith (Affiliate Manager) really felt strongly last evening about the City Keyword Manager program, so much so that she RECORDED ME WITHOUT ME KNOWING IT! WHEW! That was a hard pill to swallow for a moment. And even she learned some valuable information.But she knew deep down that there may still be Affiliates saying:"I don't trust you yet. I don't think you're for real.""I'm skeptical. I don't believe this system will work for me.""I can't afford it.""I still have questions. I need more information."It's natural to have questions and want a reasonable degree of certainty and proof. When it comes to the proven, fail-proof method of the City Keyword Manager program you can feel absolutely positively certain that it works just like I say it does.In fact, to get started you ONLY need a DEPOSIT, not an investment. And I guarantee this will work for you. Don't let this opportunity pass you by in Udaipur. The truth is that someone may have listened to this recording and already seized the opportunity in Udaipur.However, Alok you need to listen to the recording Angela SECRETLY did with me. BECAUSE if Udaipur is still available, you'll want to RESERVE it before its too late. Very, very shortly almost 150 City Portals will be launching, and the profits will be spewing out faster than a broken gasoline pump!
PubCon session entered a place beyond indexing and search traffic: The Duplicate Content Zone, where websites sometimes go and are never seen again. WebProNews tagged along as the session hosts played the Rod Serling role for the audience.
quest for geographically relevant search marketing has been the labor of many a SEO. This afternoon, a PubCon panel discussed upcoming innovations in local and mobile search, and WebProNews was on the scene.
from Yahoo and Google both presented their respective strategies for contextual advertising as part of today's PubCon lineup. WebProNews was on the scene, and here's a rundown of the session.
care and good dietary habits practiced by site publishers will help improve their standing in search; a PubCon panel discussed some good choices to make when feeding the search engines, and WebProNews was there.
"The Search" author and Federated Media chairman John Battelle delivered today's keynote at WebmasterWorld's PubCon in Las Vegas, and WebProNews was in the room, taking notes and nudging the other participants.
Kawasaki delivered the opening keynote address at this year's PubCon. In his talk, he gave a detailed overview outlining ten specific points that innovative companies should heed when developing new products and services.
managed to slip a few questions about WebmasterWorld's PubCon, which starts November 14th, to marketing guru Andy Beal as he was packing his bags for the trip to Las Vegas.
Web Trends are the pioneers and the world's no.1 Web Analytics solution provider.
Web Trends 7 takes the work out of web analytics, providing you an easier way to improve your business results. With Web Trends 7 the software solution, you'll get the complete picture of your web site's performance helping you acquire, convert and retain more customers.
Within any organization, different divisions, department and users have different analysis needs. Web Trends provides decisive answers to all critical web questions across all business disciplines.
Improve your customers' online experience by analyzing and optimizing page interaction, paths and conversion processes.
Convert more visitors into customers by pinpointing which products are in demand and where customers are converting or abandoning your online shopping process.
Give business users the ability to answer their own questions while maintaining control through centralized administration, with a single solution that's easier to access and easier to administer.
Maximize your web ROI with the only complete solution that provides end-to-end results to every department, for every web initiative.
Decrease operating expenses and improve customer satisfaction by improving the effectiveness of your online customer service tools and content.
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